Women’s Day Celebration in Enjoy Co Working Space

On 17th of March, Enjoy Co-Working Space has celebrated Women’s Day. UNCCN Corporate Clinics “YOGMUDA” Team of Doctors, Therapist joined us and guided us about Stress Management, Diet and to keep Mind Cool.

Some of the pictures and videos we are sharing here. Please check all the photographs.

UNCCN Corporate Clinics Dr. Manju Chaturvedi (BAMS and Dietitian), Dr.Kanchan B Sharma (Aura Expert), Mr.Vaibhav Sontakke(Music Therapist) presented fabulous guidance and it was really a recreating the energy while listening to all living legends.

We just followed the path shown by the team of YogMuda and we were all in trans and felt overwhelmed and neutral all the time. We are all speechless during and after having the Music Therapy by Mr.Vaibhav. Hats off to Dr. Manju Chaturvedi’s, because of her depth of knowledge, we are all mesmerised. Dr.Kanchan Sharma showed the Aura Measurement before and after YogMuda, and that makes us understand how energy is important in our life. All the time, the healing was marvelous and the health perspective is the best version of our experience.

Thank you ! Once again, Team UNCCN Corporate Clinics “YogMuda-Mind, Body and Health”

Video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBCosoz-I0U

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  1. It was really nice – I am Neelima from Enjoy CO working Space.

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